Dhaya Embrace Reiki Healing & Learning Center
1B 13 Main St Franklin MA 02038 T : 508-440-5747
Embrace kindness starting from you!!

REIKI Energy Healing for your Physical Mental Emotional & Spiritual Well Being Right Here & Right Now!!
From an Authentic source that offers comfortable, safe space & pace to discover & embrace your own self in totality that obviously results in natural healing!  It's that simple for everyone to be well.

Headache or Heartache - Reiki Works!! Would you like to try?

I am profoundly grateful to invite you with an open mind & compassionate heart to travel and discover this interesting journey of returning home! Dear one, come, get to know & be in touch with your true self where the treasure of love & healing lies beneath!            
What is REIKI : REIKI has its origins from Japan around 1800. In Japanese the term 'REI' means Universe & 'KI' means Energy. REIKI is nothing but Universal Energy that's omnipresent - everywhere around & inside of us! Hence REIKI healing is considered a Natural, Safe & Gentle Alternative healing modality to let go of pain, stress & nourish our system with calm, balance & peace. JUST AS IS.

TRY REIKI : Check us out at WholeFoods Market Bellingham MA in the Whole Body Dept Every Monday 5:30-9 PM FREE SAMPLE SESSI0NS. http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/store/event/free-reiki

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