Dhaya Embrace Reiki Healing & Learning Center
1B 13 Main St Franklin MA 02038 T : 508-440-5747
Embrace kindness starting from you!!

REIKI Energy Healing for your Physical Mental Emotional & Spiritual Well Being Right Here & Right Now!!
From an Authentic source that offers comfortable, safe space & pace to discover & embrace your own self in totality that obviously results in natural healing!  It's that simple for everyone to be well.

Headache or Heartache - Reiki Works!! Would you like to try?

I am profoundly grateful to invite you with an open mind & compassionate heart to travel and discover this interesting journey of returning home! Dear one, come, get to know & be in touch with your true self where the treasure of love & healing lies beneath!            
About Hema - the practitioner - Story behind worked it all started...
REIKI is so simple and natural...if it worked for a someone like me & lot many, it will definitely work for you! REIKI is not religious, You don't have t believe in it for it to work. You are ok t be skeptical. All you need is t0 be open and willing t0 see for yourself.
That's why i got t0 tell you my silly story :) 
Love & Cheers
Hema Chockalingam
Dear Self Just Like Me! Reiki Blessings!!
         I am Hema Chockalingam Mechanical Engineer by education, was an IT Bussiness Intelligence Consultant by profession, turned my attention & got interested in natural alternate relaxation modalities & certified from London Institute in Champissage(Indian Head Massage with Chakra Balancing), Kansavatki Foot Massage(An Ayurvedic therapy to cleanse detox & relax using marma points in the feet), Mehta's Facial Rejuvenation Therapy(No products, hands on anti wrinkle & Face Lifting Technique - yeah it works!). Well, out of this hobby of mine, I definitely enjoyed perfecting it, the results were amazing, friends, family & clients loved it & it was obvious that I was able to offer help to relax others but not to myself! 
        Along with the corporate work stress, life pushed me in all possible dimensions impacting my physical, emotional, mental & spiritual well being. I developed many health issues, emotionally stressed, mentally drained & soulfully empty without a purpose except was just making some good money. I wasn't doing anything in life out of choice & end of the day i made no difference in any ones life! Not even in my own.. forget about others! What a granted & wasteful way to live! Well, i honestly didn't know what else i wanted to do either. So!
         Anyways, life continued & one fine day I heard my dear friend & massage therapist Jacque mentioning 'Oh you should try Reiki...You seem to be a Reiki person!" What?? - Reiki Person - Well what IS Reiki??? - I asked her!
         That was THE moment something got hold of me...i became curious....looked all around & without even knowing much about it or even having a Reiki session for myself, i signed up for a class! Crazy Me! There I am Reiki Level 1!  Ok...now what....nothing changed much. Life kept dragging and then later after a month or so did Reiki II. Now what? Well...life still kept dragging but was definitely getting intensified! Yes all the issues got amplified from no where?! Well, I definitely didn't sign up for this...but wise people called it a "Healing Crisis", hmmmm.. whatever!
One thing I still remember....my teacher telling me that I was too analytical & was skeptic too...no doubt but at the same time was very open & curious. So playfully I started to actually try using Reiki!! I used it for my friends, family, strangers(of course with their permission), in a cafe...people walked off with no headaches, felt relaxed, no shoulder pain etc, emotional traumatic releases & man i would just practice it anywhere....yes I remember that i put to test my first Reiki Distant Session(where u don't need to be physically nearby) at the Boston Prudential Tower, sitting under a tree at the side walk - the theory to cut thru time & distance actually was practical because me & my client was able to feel the session's happening in details!! I really started freaking out!!! - Oh Boy! This stuff really works! :) And afterwards my travel, encounters with people etc all came loaded with messages, experiences etc.! I started getting used to all that!
       They say there could be only 3 areas into which one's suffering could be classified - Health,Relationship & Money. Well I had it all! Suddenly any part in my life that was at least working also came to halt. Too many health issues that none of the specialist could identify what really was wrong(yeah...they got nervous & frustrated becoz i was a clueless puzzle to them!) & as there is no diagnosis there was no cure! And work, home, family everything became a mess. And oh yes.. after stressful & draining project work - day n night for months, celebrated the project victory while i was promised & called for a final meetup with my boss for promotion & hike in salary, i was excited, little suspicious & too naive & damn the politics.. that blessed day I got laid off too! Surprise! Ha ha.. i asked if there could be any reason - i was told what they haven't got what i expected & i haven't got what they expected - Sounded to me a silly joke & like a teenage couple breaking up over text !! :) It took them 3 years & 5 projects to figure this! I couldn't but laugh at my helpless boss - to me still he is an inspiration with poor decision! I walked out, without the burden of having to carry my 3 client's laptops, bare hands & stunned & liberated all at the same time!
        WOW! Life just flipped! WOW! Really...faced with life's uncertainty one more time! VERY FIRST TIME I REALIZED I HAD CHOICE &  GOT THE GUTS T0 PRACTICE IT! My deep yearning t0 let loose & drift away from corporate was made easy, deeply grateful t0 all the forces that made it happen!  I loved 2 things to do - REIKI & SHOPPING. WHY NOT I JUST Do THESE TWO FOR A LIVING ? WITH CONSCIENCE, COMPASSION WONDER & JOY?
Just like a curious child! I believed that f0r anyone with the right attitude and willingness  and effort, all the expertise will definitely be graced upon! And it did !!!
That's what is the story of the Origins - the birth of DHAYA EMBRACE !!
Although the shop/boutique off springed a lot later due to my client's  and friends calling for it and i completely attribute it to all of their support !! 
Certified USUI Reiki Master Teacher & JIKIDEN REIKI SHIHAN-KAKU (Trained under my dear Sensei Frank Arjava Petter). My Reiki journey started in 2011.
  We offer Reiki sessions & workshops for self healing. By healing what i mean is nothing more nothing less ....all of a sudden we become open to this new level of perception where everything starts to make sense JUST AS IS!! In fact there is nothing wrong.. so nothing to be fixed. Healing is just opening up to TOTAL ACCEPTANCE, & NEW POSSIBILITIES...join hands co creating our life by living it fully with the body, mind & soul that we are born with - as an Unique, Simple & Precious BEING!!!
I am grateful and blessed by your choice to meet you as a fellow traveler along your own healing journey !!
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